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Atlas 10000763 HO CSX G.E. Dash 8-40C Locomotive

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Item Details

Manufacturer: Atlas
Brand: Master™ Gold Series
Part Number: 10000763
Scale: HO Scale
Reporting Mark: CSXT
Road Name: CSX
Car Type: G.E. Dash 8-40C Locomotive
Color: Gray, blue and yellow
Scheme: YG
Road Number: 7509
Released Date: February 2010
Retired Date:  
Built / Shopped Date: /
Retail Price: $269.95
Availability: Out of Stock
Notes: First built for Union Pacific in the late 1980's by General Electric, the DASH 8-40C diesel locomotives were identified by an enlarged exhaust stack and the mounting of the dynamic brake grids in a square-like unit behind the cab, which housed an enlarged equipment blower fan. These six-axle, 4,000 hp engines are still in service today in North America.

The 4,000hp Dash 8-40CW was produced by General Electric between 1989 and 1993 as a follow-up to the successful Dash 8-40C locomotive. The most distinguishing feature of this model was the introduction of GE's version of the wide-nose "North American Safety Cab." This style of cab would become a common sight on railroads across the country. Four major railroads purchased the Dash 8-40CW in fairly large quantities, including Conrail, CSX, Santa Fe and Union Pacific. Most of these units are still in regular mainline and heavy-haul freight service today. Due to various mergers, they can also be seen operating for new owners Norfolk Southern and BNSF.

The Atlas Master™ Series Gold versions of these locomotives are able to use all of the QSI® Quantum System™ sound features on DC layouts with use of the Atlas Quantum Engineer™. For more information on this product, click here or visit our online store for ordering info.
Features: Ditch lights (8-40CW only)
Number boards, sand fill hatch, and marker lights where appropriate by railroad (8-40CW only)
Realistic die-cast underframe
Factory-equipped with AccuMate® knuckle couplers
Coupler pocket designed to accept AccuMate® Proto-couplers
Highly detailed coupler cut bars
Multiple unit hoses and trainline hoses
Five-pole skewed armature motor with dual flywheels for optimum performance at all speeds
Separately-installed scale windshield wipers, metal grab irons and fine scale handrails
Directional lighting
Painted crew members
Snowplow and piping on trucks
Recommended minimum radius: 22"

Atlas Master™ Series Silver Additional Features:
(Item # 7600-7685)

NMRA 8-pin plug for DCC (Decoder-ready)

Atlas Master™ Series Gold Additional Features:
(Item # 9695-9674)

Electronic Dual-Mode® Decoder (e-DMD) that allows your locomotive to run in DCC or traditional DC
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